#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Missionaries You Should Know: George Liele: Lesley Hildreth

One of the most significant figures in the history of Christian missions is a freed Georgia slave named George Liele. Even though William Carey may be called the father of the modern missionary movement, George Liele left America and planted the gospel in Jamaica a full ten years before Carey left England. …Read More.

Why the Supreme Court's NIFLA decision has pro-life Americans feeling so grateful: Bruce Ashford

The 5-4 Supreme Court decision Tuesday striking down a California law requiring pro-life pregnancy support centers to advertise government-funded abortions raises two significant questions:

First, why do many evangelical Christians and Catholics care so deeply about the issues of abortion?

And second, do other Americans have reason to care about this issue deeply as well?

In its ruling, the Supreme Court overturned a California law requiring pregnancy support centers to inform women they serve about the state’s family planning services, which include providing abortions. The high court said the requirement violates the First Amendment of the Constitution because it mandates that the pregnancy support centers promote something they oppose – abortion. …Read More.

8 Divine Intersections We Must Not Take For Granted: Chuck Lawless

I often speak of “divine intersections,” which I define as “relationships we can describe only as God-given.” Sometimes the way they happen is so unique that it’s almost impossible not to see God in the process. In other situations, God just gives us a supernatural love and respect for one another that only He can create. In all cases, we need to thank God regularly for these intersections. …Read More.