#IAmGoing Weekend Reading

8 Ways SBC Churches Can Strengthen our Response to Domestic Abuse: Bruce and Lauren Ashford
In light of the ongoing national conversation about Christian responses to domestic violence and the sad reality that abuse statistics are no better among church attenders than among society at large, it is incumbent upon us—SBC churches and pastors—to do everything we can to respond appropriately when victims come forward. …Read More.

We Need Wisdom, Not Just Commands: Trevin Wax

One of the central points of Eschatological Discipleship is that biblical faithfulness requires not only the keeping of biblical commands, but also the outworking of biblical wisdom and discernment on what obedience looks like in our day. An “obedient Christian” not only takes the direct commands of God seriously, but also seeks a biblically formed outlook so that wisdom and discernment is evident in decisions where there is no clear command in Scripture. …Read More.

When The Missionary Dies: Micah Fries

I came across this story today and wanted to share it with you. In the late 1800's a group of three men traveled to Africa to advance the gospel. Walter Gowans was among the men, and would ultimately succumb to malaria and die. Shortly before Gowans would die, he wrote the following words. Take a moment to read and reflect on his passion for the Lord and the mission of God. …Read More.

2018 SBC Annual Meeting Preview: Amy Whitfield and Jonathan Howe

We break down everything related to the 2018 SBC Annual Meeting in our big preview episode. Check all the links below to find out more. …Read More.