#IAmGoing Weekend Reading

Thai cave rescue: Don't forget the man who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the boys and coach could live: Bruce Ashford

Prayers from around the world were answered this week with the daring rescue of 12 youth soccer team members, ages 11 to 16, and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand. But we must not forget that one courageous diver sacrificed his own life to keep them alive.   

The diver, 38-year-old Saman Gunan, was the “hero of Tham Luang cave,” said Gov. Narongsak Osottanakorn of Ching Rai in Thailand.

Gunan died from lack of oxygen as he swam out of the cave after delivering desperately needed supplies to the trapped boys and placing extra air tanks inside the cave the boys would use in escaping.

A former Thai Navy SEAL, Gunan was a triathlete and husband. His wife said he enjoyed helping people and doing work for charities. …Read More.

Will missions solve your porn problem? No. Keelan Cook

et me just come out and say it: pornography is a problem that impacts the mission field. In our #MeToo era, we're used to seeing web articles speaking of the dangers of pornography. We hear -- and it is most certainly true -- that pornography is both the result of and fuel for the objectification of humanity.

Pornography makes another human less like a person and more like a snack. And yet, so often our recent reminders on the internet about the dangers of, well, the internet and other peddlers of this smut focus on that young man alone in his bedroom late at night. However, the grip of pornography reaches into more than teenage bedrooms. Today, pornography reaches as far as the curse is found. It reaches to the very ends of the earth.

Overseas missions isn't an escape from pornography. …Read More.

How to Prepare for a Major Financial Emergency: Art Rainer

Major emergencies, like losing a job, are rare. They occur on a much less regular basis than minor emergencies. But when they do hit, their punch can be devastating. Losing a job can take a significant emotional and financial toll. For some, losing a job means selling a house, finding a new school for the kids and, of course, finding a new job. Losing a job is stressful and exhausting.

And if you aren’t prepared, you can quickly find yourself with an empty bank account. …Read More.

A first step toward evangelizing more: Chuck Lawless

Most North American believers don’t tell the Good News of Christ much. Many will never tell their gospel story to another person in their entire life. That’s tragic – and it’s a primary reason most churches are not reaching non-believers. We evangelicals have many programs to help us do evangelism, but I’m not convinced that programs are the best starting point. Instead, these texts from the Gospel of Mark tell us where we must begin. …Read More.