Turning the Tables on Terrorism, part 1


As we approach the celebration of our country’s birth, one of the things that looms over our celebration in these days is the threat of terrorism. When looking at the world today, it is easy to be discouraged – even sometimes to the point of despair – at the amount of violence and unrest that exists today. Whether it be international terror, domestic terror, or random acts of violence, our world sees its fair share of turmoil. In our high-paced, technological world, we experience information overload, often times leading us to believe that terror and violence are everywhere, all the time.

Terror isn’t anything new. In fact, over the course of human history, it is the people of God who have faced the brunt of terror and violence. The question is this: how do we respond in the face of terror? Specifically, how should we then pray?
In Psalm 64, we find David in a similar situation. Throughout most of his life he faced the threat of terror at the hands of evil people who sometimes succeeded in causing violence and inflicting pain on innocent people. Yet, in spite of his seemingly frequent vacillation between fear and faith, he always landed on the confident ground that God would turn the wickedness of evil men back on them. …Read More.