#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


How to Critique a Book: Adrianne Miles

You might read the title of this article and think, “I’m not a critic. I can’t imagine ever needing to critique a book.” Maybe you won’t formally critique a book, but we are all critics. We read a book and enjoy it and want to recommend it to our friends, co-workers, or children.

Critiquing a book is also good exercise for our brains as we continually train ourselves to be critical thinkers. Whether you find yourself in a position to write a formal critique or simply want to interact with a text on a level deeper than a cursory reading, engaging in the discipline of criticism will lead you to address three broad questions. …Read More.

Should Churches Go Into Debt? Art Rainer

Should churches go into debt? This question often elicits passionate responses from people at various points on the yes/no spectrum. The passion is often driven by a desire for their church to make the best decision to advance the gospel in their community and around the world.

And this is a good thing. …Read More.

Does your church still have an apostolic passion? Keelan Cook

Is it just me, or does it seem like church leaders are always trying to get their congregation excited about something? Sometimes it is a new sermon series, or a new initiative. Often, it is a building project or a new ministry the church plans to start or support. Regardless, I’m willing to wager, there is always something your church leadership wants you to get jazzed about.

If you’re one of those leaders, I get it. I’ve spent a number of years as a pastor myself, and there is something good about trying to get your congregation excited about what your church is doing. In fact, passion is in some ways the fuel for missions. But, it may be worth stepping back and examining the kinds of passion we are attempting to instill. In my opinion, there is one very important passion I see frequently in the pages of Scripture but rarely in the life of congregations today.

Too few churches today are marked by an apostolic passion. …Read More.

Seven Truths About the Weeds of Sin in Our Lives: Chuck Lawless

They drive me crazy, actually. No matter how much I treat them, weeds always return in the cracks and joints of my driveway. They do, though, remind me about the reality of the growth of the weeds of sin in my life. …Read More.