The Advantages and Disadvantages of Urban Missions


Several months ago, the United Nations released data showing more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The projection is that before 2050, that number will climb to two-thirds. According to the report posted on

Today, 55% of the world’s population is urban, a figure which is expected to grow to 68% by 2050, with the addition of 2.5 billion new city residents, according to projections by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

By 2030, there will be 43 megacities around the world with populations of over 10 million, up from 33 similarly sized urban centers today and just 10 in 1990.

As we consider these statistics, there can be little doubt that our missionary efforts need to focus on the cities of the world. As we do so, I wanted to point out several advantages and disadvantages to this missionary strategy. …Read More.