You Will Experience Suffering. Have You Prepared Yourself?


Suffering is not a topic for discussion as much as it is a reality each person must face.[1] Yet, we tend to do little to prepare our hearts for it.

You should actively be grounding yourself biblically and theologically in order to face suffering. Failing to do so is like a man who must run a marathon but doesn’t train for it. His lack of preparation results in disorienting exhaustion and, at worst, total collapse.

In this article, I want to focus on what has been revealed to us in Scripture and how that should instruct us about suffering and grief. The Bible teaches us to get as much Christ-exalting meaning out of suffering as we can. We need to see how Christ meets us in these moments of great darkness.

I want to offer to you three important truths about suffering that are important to know prior to suffering. …Read More.