#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


3 Ways to Communicate Truth in a Fake News Era: Bruce Ashford

Recently, the Pew Research Center published a study demonstrating Americans have difficulty distinguishing between fact and opinion. Only 26 percent of adults correctly identified five factual statements as such, and only 35 percent were able to do the same for five opinion statements.

The research also found we’re significantly more likely to consider something “factual” rather than “opinion” when it favors the narrative of our preferred political party or confirms a pre-existing bias. …Read More.

Scripture Before Phone, and Other Habits That Could Change Your Life: Trevin Wax

We underestimate the power of habits, especially those we adopt unconsciously, as a result of our busy and hurried lives. We like to think of ourselves as spontaneous and authentic in our worship and work, when in reality we’re enslaved to habits and patterns that dominate our waking moments. As a consequence, we are wonderless in an age of wonders. Our technology has only freed us up . . . to live like slaves. …Read More.

What Happens Every Time You Read the Bible: J.D. Greear

Every time we encounter the Word of God, an unseen world of spiritual forces is at work. We don’t usually think about this, since our experience—for instance, reading the Bible or listening to a sermon—feels so patently mundane. But read Jesus’ first parable in Matthew 13 and you’ll gain a renewed sense of weightiness for the moment when our lives and God’s Word intersect.

Every time you encounter the Word of God, you bring one of four “hearts.” …Read More.

Convenience Store Christianity: Chuck Lawless

I’ve recently been with believers from another part of the world, and I was again reminded that our brothers and sisters around the world often pay a heavier price than we pay to follow Christ. I don’t want to overstate the case here—as I really do believe that many, many believers I know truly love the Lord and have dedicated their lives to Him—but much of North American Christianity seems to be what I call “Convenience Store Christianity.” I’ll let you determine the comparisons. …Read More.