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When the Bible Becomes an App: Trevin Wax

A surprising statistic in research on Bible engagement among Americans is that more than 90 percent of regular Bible readers prefer print to digital. That percentage holds true even though more than 90 percent of Bible readers also indicate that they engage with the Bible on digital platforms and through an app. So, the trends show exponential growth in digital Bible engagement alongside a strong preference for a print Bible reading experience. (In case you’re wondering how those statistics hold up generationally, consider the fact that three out of four millennials say they prefer a print Bible.)

Needless to say, printed Bibles aren’t going away. But many pastors tell me that they’re showing up less often in the hands of congregants at church on Sunday. J. D. Greear, pastor of The Summit Church, says “open your Bibles” and “turn on your Bibles,” and has remarked at the change in years past from the rustling of paper as people flipped through the text to the soft white glow of people today accessing the Bible via their phones. …Read More.

Parents Want to Pass On Faith, but Few Talk About It: Aaron Earls

Virtually every Christian parent says they want their teenager to develop a lifelong faith, but relatively few are actually talking to their students about important spiritual issues.

Barna found 97 percent of engaged Christian parents say it’s important to them that their teen develops a faith that lasts into their adulthood. And 92 percent say the same about their teen being equipped to explain the Christian faith.

Christians, both parents and teens, are considered engaged if they have attended church within the past six months and strongly agree with four specific statements about their faith. …Read More.

9 Ways to Make a Terrible First Impression: Art Rainer

Whether you are interviewing for a job or hoping to get a date, first impressions are a really big deal. They are important because they are lasting. First impressions are sometimes incredibly difficulty to overcome.

This stickiness is good and bad news. If you make a good impression, it can put you in a favorable light for some time. But if you make a bad impression, significant work must be done to overcome the tainted image that has been created.

How does someone make a really bad first impression? Well, there are many ways. I have noted nine of them.

Here are nine ways to make a terrible first impression. …Read More.

"Ten-Minute" Steps to Strengthen Your Walk With God: Chuck Lawless

Almost all of us, if not all of us, can find ten minutes a day to focus on God. In fact, we can likely find several “ten-minute segments” to devote to Him throughout the day—which means that we can grow in our walk with Him a little bit at a time. Start here: plan to use ten minutes each day this week to do one of these tasks. …Read More.