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What do spouses do when their callings don't line up? Lesley Hildreth

Several years ago I was speaking with a student from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary who was in a degree program where the student completes half of it on campus and the other half on the mission field. He said, "I have completed my on-campus hours and am ready to study overseas. But, I have a problem: my wife isn't willing to go." 

Discerning the Lord's call is an important step for everyone seeking to walk with God. Questions about how to sort out this crisis of calling abound. More specifically for this conversation are the questions about how spouses discern a call together and what they do when they don't seem to share the same calling. …Read More.

The Religious Problem with Socialism: Bruce Ashford

Socialism has served as a polarizing phenomenon globally and is emerging to the forefront of our political divide in the United States. It caught the nation’s attention during the 2016 election cycle when Bernie Sanders ran for President openly as a “Democratic socialist.” Not only was the race close, but many experts think Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if the Clinton family had not manipulated matters behind the scenes.

But Sanders’s views should be recognized as Socialism Lite®, given that he calls himself “socialist capitalist,” a notion which most socialists would consider a contradiction in terms. The more serious socialists in the United States are identified with an activist group called Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). With its stated intention to get rid of capitalism (for being “oppressive”) and abolish the Senate (because it is “unrepresentative”), and with its membership having increased seven-fold since 2015, the DSA should not be ignored by American citizens.

Neither should socialist ideology be ignored. But what is “socialism” and why should we resist its emergence as an economic and political force in the United States? …Read More.

How to Prepare for a Major Financial Emergency: Art Rainer

Major emergencies, like losing a job, are rare. They occur on a much less regular basis than minor emergencies. But when they do hit, their punch can be devastating. Losing a job can take a significant emotional and financial toll. For some, losing a job means selling a house, finding a new school for the kids and, of course, finding a new job. Losing a job is stressful and exhausting.

And if you aren’t prepared, you can quickly find yourself with an empty bank account.

Well, it depends. …Read More.

Seven Characteristics of Churches That Love Missions: Meredith Cook

Growing up in a large, traditional Southern Baptist church, I was educated about international missions from a pretty young age. I participated in Mission Friends and Girls in Action.

I collected loose change in fake rice bowls for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. My church partnered with IMB missionaries and even hosted a service to commission new IMB missionaries.

For some of you, the terms above are a nostalgic throwback to your upbringing. For others, those terms are as foreign as the countries to which international missionaries move.

Either way, the actual terms are not the point—it’s that I grew up in a church that taught me about God’s love for the nations and how to obey the Great Commission.

I’ve moved several times in the last decade and have joined a church at each new place. Based off of my (admittedly limited) experience, I’ve observed these characteristics of churches that love missions. …Read More.