#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Fragmented Churches in Fragmented Times: Trevin Wax

Last month, I laid out four of the biggest challenges facing the church in the West. Polarization made that list, and in two recent articles (here and here), I’ve sought to unearth some of the reasons why our society has become increasingly fragmented, and to lay the groundwork for how the church might respond. …Read More.

10 Fears I Have for an “Internet Generation” of Church Leaders: Chuck Lawless

I’m grateful for the opportunities that the Internet, social media, and other tools provide us as we do ministry in the 21st century. We can talk to the world in much more expedient ways today than we could when I started ministry more than 35 years ago. So, I’m overall quite positive about these tools. On the other hand, I do have these fears for young church leaders who’ve grown up with these tools. …Read More.

Lessons for a New Life from a Children's Story: D. Scott Hildreth

Is it possible to be completely free from sin and shame?

Have you ever read, or watched, any of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis? In the story, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lewis introduces the reader (viewer) to a spoiled little boy named Eustace Scrubb. He is selfish and downright mean. In one scene, about halfway through the story, his reckless behavior causes him to turn into a dragon. C.S. Lewis’ point was clear: this boy became on the outside what he had always been on the inside. …Read More.

All of My Missionary Sermons: Danny Akin

I love missionaries.

I love reading missionary biographies.

And I love preaching missionary sermons.

By combining expository preaching with the story of a missionary, we are able to give a tangible, God-glorifying picture of what it means to believe and live out the teachings of Scripture.

Below are all of the sermons, in alphabetical order, that I have preached using missionaries to illustrate Scripture. …Read More.