#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Three ways to make time for reading in the busyness of life: Adrianne Miles

Read me a story. Parents and grandparents have heard this phrase thousands of times. Little children yearn for literature. Remember asking an adult to read to you? Remember your excitement when you were finally able to read a book by yourself? In youth, we take immense pleasure in reading. As we grow, more reading is required. The reading assignments of middle school, high school, and college tempt us to categorize reading as work and not as pleasure. In today’s Information Age, the majority of our work hours are spent reading. Who has the time or energy to read for pleasure? Who remembers that reading can be pleasurable?

In How to Read and Why, literary critic Harold Bloom asserts that “Reading well is one of the greatest pleasures that solitude can afford you” (2). However, he laments that professional reading rarely recaptures “the pleasure of reading you knew in youth” (22). But that pleasure is attainable, and I want to take this opportunity to remind you that you are not limited to professional reading. You can read the literature that speaks life to you and refreshes your soul. You have the power to recapture the pleasure of reading—you just have to find the time and the resources. …Read More.

Where is God in the midst of a natural evil such as Florence? Bruce Ashford

“Daddy, where is God during the hurricane?”

This is the question my five-year-old son asked me yesterday. We were huddled together on the porch with my wife Lauren and our two daughters, watching the pine trees in our back yard being whipped around by the wind.

It’s a good question.

If God is as good and as powerful as the Bible says he is, then why would he allow a hurricane like Florence to devastate the Carolina coast, where it has taken the lives of at least seven people already and made thousands of other people homeless? Where is God during the hurricane? …Read More.

10 concerns I have about Christian young men: Chuck Lawless

If you read this blog regularly, you know I have great love for and confidence in the young generation of future leaders among us (see herehere, and here). Their enthusiasm for Christ and their passion to reach the nations challenge me. On the other hand, I also see glimpses of issues in young men that concern me. Here are some of them. …Read More.