Single-Minded: How to Love Your Single Friends


Recently, I wrote an article clarifying the theology of singleness and marriage as well as challenging the church in America to adapt to the rise of singles in their membership. Today’s post will come from personal experience and will discuss how individuals and families can better care for singles as they live together in community with them.

The story that I am living is very different than the one I would have penned. I can honestly say that the story God wanted to write for me has exceeded every expectation I could have for my life. However, living as a “prolonged single adult” in a Christian world that often idolizes marriage and family can sometimes be a lonely place.

One of Satan’s most effective strategies is to convince us that we are isolated and alone. If he can plant that seed in our hearts, it can take root quicker than most any other lie. God has surrounded me with an amazing community of people who seek to understand and support me in every area of life, including prolonged singleness. Here are some practical tips for loving single people with excellence, lessons I’ve learned through true life experiences. …Read More.