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Everything Communicates Something to Someone: 4 Questions Every Leader Should Ask: Art Rainer

Recently, I received a postcard from a local church. The postcard promoted an upcoming sermon series. The graphic design on the front of the card utilized an edgy, grunge concept. Intrigued, I went to check out the church website. To my surprise, the church’s website was anything but “grungy” or “edgy.” It was fairly traditional.

And the pastors’ headshots revealed suits and ties.

Personally, I have nothing against suits and ties or grunge design concepts. But I left the website slightly confused. What represented the real personality of the church, the postcard or the website?

Everything communicates something to someone. I wish that sentence were an original thought, but it is not. In fact, if you do a web search, this concept shows up all over the place. Yet many organizations struggle to deliver consistent, clear messages regarding who they are and why they exist.

Here are four questions that every leader should ask. …Read More.

Distrust and Disdain in the Internet Age: Trevin Wax

In a recent article, I asked why political polarization is so prevalent in our time. Instead of going straight to the question of political parties and platforms, I wanted to examine deeper, underlying roots of our societal dysfunction. In a hyper-individualistic age, we are more suspicious toward institutions and toward our neighbors.

Today, I want to build on what I wrote in the previous article and show how the internet exacerbates the problem of polarization and, ironically, fragments and isolates us while giving us the illusion of connectedness. …Read More.

Ten Lonely Seconds to Justify Your Existence: J.D. Greear

Through our salvation, Christ has given us a new identity in him. We are no longer strangers or orphans before God; we are sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters and best friends with Christ. And as God’s children, we’ve been given specific gifts for use in his kingdom.

Isn’t that a better status than any identity you can get from your job? “For whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his” (Hebrews 4:10 ESV). We no longer labor to gain an identity, because we’ve been given one through Christ.

Our souls have a hard time actually accepting this. We carry around an ingrained sense of unworthiness, a shame that resulted from the fall. The very first experience of shame was over our nakedness. Before the fall, we were naked but not ashamed about it because we felt clothed in the love of God. But afterward we felt naked, and now every soul feels the need to find some garment in which to hide.

We do this in a thousand different ways, but one of the most common is by looking to our work for significance. …Read More.

12 Marks of a Wise and Trustworthy Leader: Danny Akin

The Psalms are an endless well from which the Christain can draw out practical ways to live the Christian life. In a recent sermon, I found 12 marks for a wise and trustworthy leader. Here they are. …Read More.