#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Your “Quiet Time” doesn’t have to be Quiet: Rachel Breniser

A warm cup of coffee, your favorite devotional, your Bible, your journal, new pens, and uninterrupted time to focus on Gods word and prayer. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? In fact, you may have met with the Lord like this many times before. But, now, you’re a mama. The few moments you have alone during the day, you frantically trying to fit 100 things into the short amount of time. Do you shower? Nap, too? Clean the house? Eat alone? Make an important phone call? Your list is endless and reading your Bible might not even occur to you. …Read More.

10 Bible Verses to Lean Into When You Feel Stressed: Art Rainer

Money is tight. The schedule is crammed. Work is overwhelming. The list could go on and on and on. Let’s be honest—life can get stressful.

And when you find yourself stressed (which will happen), lean into Scripture. Feel free to use these verses as a starting point. …Read More.

What If My Parents Don’t Want Me to Be a Full-Time Missionary? D. Scott Hildreth

The call to missions leads to a lifestyle of goodbyes. It seems we are always leaving somewhere and someone. Perhaps the hardest goodbyes are those we give to our families. When my family and I first left for the mission field, I remember standing at the airport gate with my parents, my brother and his family, and my in-laws. We waited as long as we could before we boarded the airplane. To this day, my mom reminds me how hard it was for them to watch her grandkids disappear down the flight bridge. 

I was blessed. My parents and my in-laws were extremely supportive of our missionary career. They encouraged us, prayed for us, and visited us on the field.

However, over the years, I have worked with many adults—both seminary students and church members—who did not share a similar experience as they pursued the call to full-time missions. Their parents were not supportive or were downright hostile to their decision to serve long-term on the mission field.

For adult missionary candidates who possess the characteristics, competencies, and commitments the IMB looks for and commissions, I want to offer a few bits of advice for those who ask, “What if my parents don’t want me to go?” …Read More.

15 Ways to Pray Like Jesus Prayed: Chuck Lawless

Most of us struggle with prayer. Even when we know we should pray, it’s not always easy to do it. Maybe one way to start praying more fervently is to pray like Jesus did as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. …Read More.