8 Principles That Help Me Live Out My Faith at Work


I have aspired to be in vocational ministry. I have been attending seminary to pursue that goal. I certainly did not want to be in management, yet that’s precisely where God has me right now.

Early on in my management career I realized I did not know how to connect the gospel to my work. I knew the seminary answers about how we have vocations; how we work heartily unto the Lord; how unequal scales were an abomination to the Lord; and that whatever we do, do it for the glory of God.  But what does it look like to do management for the glory of God?  

For the longest time, I had a difficult time answering this question.  At work, I had a boss to report to and employees to manage. All day long I put out fires. The weight of meeting monthly goals rested squarely on my shoulders. Emails coming in at night, asking what I was going to do differently the next day to move the needle further toward my goals. Employees coming to my office with genuinely troubling issues and crying in my office, and meanwhile I still needed to hit my numbers and coach my employees to help get us there.

At times, I found it hard to be passionate about what I was doing. I felt restless, and maybe rightly so because I aspire to be in vocational ministry (and I am not there yet). I would get so excited about hearing updates from other missionaries about their gospel work and adventures. I would hear from friends who had gone on to pastor a church. Yet I would wake up on Monday morning feeling like my job did not matter.

What did my job have to do with the glory of God? A friend encouraged me to bloom where I am planted; so what does that look like?

Here are some thoughts that have helped me with where I am at in life now, and I hope it can be an encouragement to you if you are in a similar situation. …Read More.