Why Do We Go to School? A Christian Philosophy of Education

The first semester of 2019 is underway for students and teachers. As we plunge into this long stretch of academics, it may be helpful for us to remember why we learn and teach.  Drudging through late night studying as students or working through grading papers as teachers can be daunting. Why, then, do we pursue education?

To answer this question, we must ask a bigger, underlying question: what is our purpose in life — making money, serving God, knowledge or something else? In other words, if we want to know why we fight though late night studying, we must ultimately gain inspiration from a greater view of our life’s purpose.

As Christians, the Bible already gives us clear ideas from about the purpose of life, and these truths can inform our understanding about why we are consuming copious amounts of caffeine to stay up just a bit later to learn more about theology, physics, biology and God’s creation order. …Read More.