#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Short Is the Road That Leads From Abortion to Infanticide, Euthanasia: Bruce Ashford

A Democratic senator blocked on Monday night the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have ensured children who survived abortions were given medical care.

Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be a complete shock. In the years since Roe v. Wade, our culture has continued its downward trend to supporting death, not life. …Read More.

Why I Led An Advocacy Team: Trevor King

When I considered the command to “bear one another’s burdens,” I thought it to be exclusive to the people right around me—my family, immediate friends, coworkers, anyone I saw on a day-to-day basis. Several years ago, however, my wife and I learned what it meant to bear the burdens of someone who was far away.

By God’s grace, our local church has had the privilege of sending out numerous missionaries to locations around the globe. When they go, we recognize that even though they may be away from us physically, they are still a part of us. We remain responsible for their spiritual, mental, and physical care, even from afar. …Read More.

Reading When You’re Really Busy: Trevin Wax

Giving advice on reading runs the risk of sounding pretentious, as if it’s a badge of honor to be a “serious” reader rather than just an ordinary reader of books. But I’m going to risk the danger of sounding elitist here, if only because I’m frequently asked how I read so much on top of a busy schedule, and because I’ve been helped so often by articles like this one.

Here are some tips that have helped me maintain a regular rhythm of reading. …Read More.

12 Reasons to Pray More as You Prepare Your Sermon or Lesson for This Weekend: Chuck Lawless

Many of you are pastors or teachers who are putting finishing touches on your sermon or lesson for this weekend. In too many cases, we prepare hard and pray little over our sermons or lessons. For the rest of this week, I challenge you to spend more time praying before you preach or teach. Here’s why. …Read More.