#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


To Go to War? Or Not to Go to War? That is the Question: Bruce Ashford

Moral accountability is absolutely vital for individuals and societies. For a person, a community, or a nation to flourish, it must open itself to moral examination, to questions of right and wrong.

War is no exception. …Read More.

Discipleship That Goes Beyond Peer Circles: Meredith Cook

People tend to gravitate toward others who are most like them. For many adults, this means the people they spend the most time with are peers—people roughly the same age and who are experiencing the same stage of life.

It isn’t bad that our natural tendency is to surround ourselves with those like us. There are benefits of being around people who are going through similar life events.

It isn’t good, however, for us to only spend time with people who are exactly like us. This is especially true for the local church. It matters that members of the church body—made up of a diversity of people—practice intentional fellowship with each other. …Read More.

10 Ways to Challenge and Stretch Your Faith: Chuck Lawless

Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). Still, many of us have a stagnant faith that has not been challenged in years. We don’t know God better, and we don’t trust Him much more than we did years ago. If that’s where you are, maybe these ideas will help you challenge your faith. …Read More.