#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


The Nine Deadly Sins of Progressivism: Bruce Ashford

The Bible does not articulate a normative Christian political program or a detailed set of policy preferences. Yet, it provides a set of basic beliefs, arising from its narrative of the world, from which we can critique political ideologies and public policies.

And critique we must. …Read More.

The Eight Deadly Sins of Political Conservatism: Bruce Ashford

Political ideologies are a lot like individuals in that they tend to ascribe ultimacy to some aspect of God’s creation, rather than ascribing ultimacy to God himself. Once they have ascribed ultimacy to their chosen idol, they look to it to “save” their society by eradicating “evils” that threaten their idol. And “We the People” are tempted to embrace these ideologies as political saviors. …Read More.

Better Than Fortnite: Global Mission in the Digital Age: Paul Akin

Lisa Damour of the New York Times wrote, “Every so often a game comes along that conquers the hearts, minds, and thumbs of gamers everywhere. Fortnite: Battle Royale is the latest victor in this category.” The notion that this game has the ability to capture hearts and minds is what most intrigues and concerns me. …Read More.

9 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Evangelism Today: Chuck Lawless

This post may surprise you. I know that culture is increasingly anti-Christian, and the work of the gospel ministry faces new challenges every day. On the other hand, I’m excited about doing evangelism today. Here’s why. …Read More.