An Intersect Summer Reading List: Southern Baptist Convention, Missions


Summer is upon us, so now is the time to plan your summer reading. As you craft your reading list, Intersect contributors would like to recommend their favorite books. We’ll share their recommendations over the coming weeks. (Read list 1list 2list 3 and list 4.)

This week, given the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, our contributors highlight books on the Southern Baptist Convention and missions — from authors Keith Harper, Amy Whitfield, D. Scott Hildreth and Courtney Anderson. …Read More.

Greatest Week Of SBC Cooperation


A lot will be said about cooperation in the Southern Baptist Convention over the next couple weeks. We will gather in Dallas and participate in our cooperative convention. We will talk about Cooperative Program giving. We will learn about the work of our cooperative institutions, boards and agencies. We will even commission missionaries and pray together for their success.

In my estimation, one of the most overlooked weeks of Southern Baptist cooperation happens the week before the gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention. CrossOver is one of the greatest moments on the Southern Baptist calendar; hundreds of seminary and college students gather in the convention city to worship together, pray together, celebrate together, and spend hours sharing Christ together. It is SBC cooperation at its finest! …Read More.

What Does Historical Theology Have to Do with Faith, Work and Economics? (Part 2)


We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us both in our own tradition as well as the Great Tradition of the Christian faith. In the classroom we get the opportunity to train future pastors, deacons, elders, Sunday school teachers and small group leaders with the tools they can use to help their congregations and small groups think well through how their own work relates to the Kingdom of God. …Read More.