4 Ways to Pray for #ElectionDay in 2018


Today is the 2018 mid-term election. We’ve studied our candidates, researched the issues, been bombarded with political advertisements and read politically charged articles.

But have we prayed?

To be honest, prayer hasn’t been my first reaction. But, as Bruce Ashford and Billy Hallowell wrote in a prior election, prayer is one of the most important tasks we have:

As we battle back and forth over the political situation, it’s easy to forget the importance of prayer.…

The Bible is clear; Christians are meant to seek God’s guidance for our leaders and those in authority. Yet, many of us are so consumed with fear, frustration, or even apathy that we’ve forsaken these instructions.

How, then, can we pray for the election? Here are four simple ways to pray for Election Day. …Read More.

Hannah Anderson: “We Need Discernment and Wisdom More Than Ever.”


When God created the world, he called it “good.” But today the world seems anything but good. How can we find and create good in our fallen world?

Hannah Anderson’s new book, All That’s Good (Moody Publishers, 2018), addresses this question and more. Anderson is a writer who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her pastor husband and three children. She also co-hosts the podcast Persuasion, which made our 2017 “Recommended Podcast” list.

Recently we had a chance to talk about discernment, goodness and her new book, All That’s Good. …Read More.

#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Islam and North America’: Loving Our Muslim Neighbors [Book Review]: Christy Thornton

Take a look around you. Chances are, you’ve recently seen a woman in a hijab shopping in the grocery store, a Muslim family picnicking in a nearby park, or noticed a mosque across town. As of 2015, there were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States. These numbers are expected to rise in the next decade (20, 28). Consequently, the need for mission-minded Christians to consider how to reach their Muslim friends only grows more urgent.

Into this milieu, Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield’s 175-page edited volume Islam and North America (B&H, available November 1) aims to prepare “the church to know and love our Muslim friends and neighbors, and to help you learn how to personally declare and display the gospel of Jesus to them” (xvii). There is always more work to be done to prepare the church for its mission, but this little book does its part to help. …Read More.

You Are Not Timeless or Placeless: Trevin Wax

One of the peculiar characteristics of living in a time of expressive individualism—a time in which many conceive the purpose of life in terms of their ability to find and express a version of themselves that resists conformity with previous generations, family constraints, or other outside forces—is the notion that we are both timeless and placeless. Timeless, in that we have no obligations to our forebears and little responsibility for future generations. Placeless, in that no roots can hold us down or put a claim on us when we have endless geographical choices before us. …Read More.

Why Young Christian Leaders are Already Experiencing “Dark Nights of the Soul”: Chuck Lawless

Some years ago, I wrote a post entitled, “Why Christian Leaders Struggle with ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’” that caught some steam. I’m afraid it spoke to many of us who’ve been in ministry for any length of time. These days, I’m beginning to hear from many young leaders who also deal with dark nights—sometimes very early in their ministries. Here’s my sense of why this is happening. …Read More.

Some Missional Thoughts About the Migrant Caravan


Unless you have signed off social media and have turned off your television, you have read/heard the stories about a so-called caravan of migrants making its way across Central America toward the US border. Thousands of men, women, and children have been traveling for weeks across Honduras and Mexico in the hope of entering the United States. It has become a political crisis in Mexico as well as in the United States. Everyone has an opinion and, as far as I can tell, no one really knows what to anticipate.

Regardless of your personal political ideology and your thoughts about immigration, this current situation is problematic. As Christians, we need to be careful about how we think, and especially how we talk about this situation. In this post, I want to suggest two ideas that we should all keep in the forefront of our speech. …Read More.